It all began exactly the moment when Robby started asking questions while holding a huge revolver in his small hand. Grandpa Bill was a hardened criminal, but he couldn’t resist the pressure from this little scoundrel’s curiosity. He tap deeply into memories about the old good days in order to tell how marvellous his past was. The past full of skirmishes and hostility. For Bill each of those days was a struggle for survival. And now he is coming back to experience it again. Play as Bill, fight against the most dangerous gunslingers of all times, find your beloved Charlotte and explore the wild lands of Sintown.
"GUNS`N`STORIES: BULLETPROOF VR" - is an exciting VR game developed for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift; a shooter game in western setting with steampunk elements.
Maximum diverse arsenal of firearms. Keep practicing in order to become the best gunslinger in town. Check out your results to see how good you are.
Win battles against extremely deft opponents, put together intricate memories to form the complete picture of those days.
Be prepared for drastic changes of events. The plot unfolds so rapidly that you can fail at any time!
Sintown is full of dangers, and only your courage coupled with a powerful weapon will allow you to survive!
HTC Vive, Oculus Rift compatible.