MIROWIN is a game development studio, that creates the multiplatformal products from idea to release – for PC, consoles and all main virtual reality headsets.

For this aim we employed skilled professionals and game enthusiasts from the video game industry with over 10 years of experience in major video game development fields: design, art, programming, production coordination and doing business.\

Here are a number of positions for which we may need candidates right now or are interested in permanently:

Unreal Engine Developer
Unreal Engine is bursting with advanced features and industry leading functionality that gamifies the everyday and builds compelling digital, gaming and VR experiences. Unreal development creates opportunities for engagement and interactivity across a diverse range of sectors, from entertainment and cinematics to architecture, transport, and more.
Game Designer
Join our studio as a Game Designer to transform ideas into captivating virtual worlds, where your innovative thinking and passion for gaming will drive the next generation of interactive entertainment.
Level Designer
As an experienced Level Designer, you should understand what makes for good gameplay. This role involves designing and creating compelling game spaces and flow, puzzles & obstacles, exploring scripted and AI character systems, and setting up gameplay scenarios that encompass, showcase, and elevate core game mechanics and themes.
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