Game outsourcing services

MiroWin studio’s specialists have got a rich experience during the work on game projects, both in own development and outsourcing. We can provide quality development and game art creation for your needs.

We can be useful to you in:

  • full cycle Unreal Engine game development (PC, VR, consoles)
  • 2D concept art
  • 3D modeling (props, weapon, characters, hard surfaces, environment etc);
  • animation, rigging and skinning;
  • texturing, PBR texturing;
  • lighting and shaders;
  • material creating;
  • tech art;
  • optimization of 3D content for mobile and VR.

Our flexibility and openness in work with customers allows to attain our shared goals and get the best final result. We have repeatedly proved our qualification by successfully launched own products and work with clients from the Germany, Poland, Sweden, UK, USA and other countries.

You can check the portfolio of our art team on the Artstation page and own products on Steam.

Contact us: or Discord (MiroWin#9923).

Reviews of our clients:


VR Game Producer, San Francisco, CA

“Vladimir Kozinyi is the super talented creative director and a pioneer of VR, releasing titles on Steam VR, Oculus Rift/Quest, and PSVR. He brings a ton of experience in VR game development as well as his own style and ideas. We were very blessed for MiroWin’s participation in the “Patagon: The Forbidden Island” development”.


NFT Enthusiast, Collectible.To & ARPC Club founder

“We are grateful to the MiroWin art outsourcing team for their participation in creation of NFT collection of turtles for our Animal Rescue Party Club initiative. The result exceeded our expectations and we are looking for the next possibilities to work together”.


Split Light Studio & Illusion Ray Studio, CEO

“I really appreciate our collaboration and great job done in our VR game development. We had the few projects with huge potential, but looking for the support of the high-level specialists with experience both with Unreal Engine and VR. It’s great that we found those in MiroWin”.

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