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The name MiroWin comes from the English words “Miro” meaning “magic potion” and “Win” meaning “victory, exaltation,” — taken literally, MiroWinmeans Magic Potion of Victory, having once tried it, you will forever remain a winner! And this is exactly what we want to give our audience of players, to impress upon them that everything is in our hands, that we always need to move forward and not stop there!

You can send feedback, bug reports, fan mail about our games on our Contact page. We love hearing from our players!

If you’re game influencer (journalist, gaming media, Facebook/Twitch streamer, Youtube/TikTok streamer), you can request the key for our games to make the game review or make the stream on your channel.

Asking about the key for the VR game, be sure that you’ve the supported VR headset.
Specify the keys for which VR device you are requesting, if the game supports several different VR devices.

You can request the key for the game before it’s release, by any of comfortable ways:

  • By Google form
  • By e-mail:
  • By Woovit or Keymailer

You can stay connected with us following us on the social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch and Medium.
Check our game art works on our Artstation page.

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