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Putting all your efforts into developing your game, but don’t know how to tell the world about it? MiroWin Game Promotion is ready to help you.

The reality is that even really high-quality products can remain in the shadows and obscurity due to the huge competition in the market if marketing activity is not effective enough.
Our team has more than once gone through a full cycle of the game development from creating an idea to publishing and game promotion. That’s why we’re ready to use all our experience and best practices for the benefit of your product.

This proposal is for those who are developing the game now and already planning a release, and for those who have just released the game, but didn’t receive expected attention from the gaming community.

Directions in which our team works:

Market analysis

The alpha- and beta game testing is important in order to determine prior interest and commercial potential. Honest and effective feedback from experienced gamers at this stage is critical to see the future of the product and the points of its refinement. We are ready to assemble the team of testers and provide the testing of your PC or VR game.

Collaboration with influencers

The voice of influencers in the gaming industry and game resources can be an important component of a game’s success. Our marketing team will work to share your indie-game to both well-known authoritative publications and bloggers, as well as less popular ones.

We’re working with PC and VR game streamers and bloggers, acting on Youtube, Twitch and TikTok.

Media coverage

The big number of content about the game and the developer studio increase their presence in the web and your page rankings in search results and is essential for organic interaction. For this, we have developed and constantly update the contact database of gaming media and gaming journalists.

Social networks

We are ready to take on many fields of work in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, as well as Steam in order to raise the popularity of your game and studio. Posting in popular communities, growthing the amount of the followers (exclusively target audience) and working with feedback are important processes both in the short term and strategically.


If you are committed to a massive promotion campaign, online advertising is necessary. We will take care of setting up and launching advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google, as well as provide the opportunity for paid publications and reviews on popular regional and international gaming sites and leading game bloggers.

You can get acquainted with the full range of our services for the promotion of PC games and VR games by following the link.

Contact us: or Discord (MiroWin#9923).

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