Virtual reality in education

If you’re involved in education sphere you might know, that with special educational applications you can immerse in new worlds inside your classroom. MiroWin studio can develop VR education apps specificаlly for you. Let’s learn why virtual reality in education make it so comfortable.

Recently, virtual reality is only growing and beginning to be applied in many fields, including education. It is suitable for school historical travels in ancient states, as well as for training future pilots, doctors, etc.

In the future, VR will save pupils and students valuable time on their way to school, university. At the same time, immersion will not suffer (as with remote learning with usual PC) and will provide teachers with greater scope for creative presentation of material.

However, VR does not mean just remote learning. Lessons or lectures with virtual reality can be conducted in school or university rooms, for example: the students listen to the professor’s lecture, all in the same room (as variant, in virtual reality classroom), all in VR helmets and watch, for example, 3D graphics. Students can witness what happened in history in the first person, go deep into the human body and experience new learning experiences from a different point of view. They will see everything much better than through explanations and images.

Training pilots or even ordinary drivers always begins with computer simulators. A much greater effect of immersion and accelerated familiarization with the world of piloting can be achieved using VR-technology. The moment when virtual reality completely replaces such simulators is only a matter of time.

Difficult and dangerous jobs are hard to train for. How can you safely practice taking a trip to space, landing a jumbo jet, making a parachute jump, or carrying out brain surgery? All these things are obvious candidates for virtual reality applications. As we’ve seen already, crane simulators were among the earliest VR applications that were proven to help.

There are only few examples of possible use of virtual reality in education.

In the era of digital devices, MiroWin studio propose to you an opportunity to enable better learning with VR technology. VR education is not only the future, it’s already the present. Contact us if you have some ideas and we’ll discuss it together.

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