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Many people want to look at cultural and historical memorials, but don’t have the opportunity to travel around the world. And in this task modern technologies are ready to help them and erase the borders. Wearing VR glasses, your visitor will be able to get acquainted with your best expositions.

We propose:

✔ VR technology for museums and exhibitions
✔ Creating virtual tours and excursions
✔ Stands with virtual reality systems
✔ Virtual exhibition production

There are many examples of successfully implemented VR projects in existing museums and exhibitions. For example, take a look at these:

  1. National Museum of Natural History, Washington. In their VR museum not only existing exhibitions are presented, but also seasonal expositions of recent years. The most visited VR museum categories are paleontology and the history of ancient civilizations.
National Museum of Natural History, Washington
  1. Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian Museum of American Art. A relatively small VR tour is available here, which includes only 1 gallery, but the exhibits presented are really worth a look. The 9 best contemporary artists and architects have created stunning installations. Huge masterpieces can be rotated 360 degrees, feeling the greatness of detail. In addition, interactive tags are attached to them. If you click on them, a detailed summary of the exhibit will appear.
Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian Museum of American Art
  1. National Museum of Iraq. The VR version of the National Museum of Iraq presents a rich exposition, consecrating the history of Mesopotamia and the Persian kingdom.
National Museum of Iraq
  1. The Louvre. Who has been to Paris during the tourist season, will tell you how long the lines of people who want to stare at the Mona Lisa are. No way to slide to France or no desire to stand for 5 hours in front of the museum? Then welcome to 10 VR lounges. They contain dozens of panoramic shots, 360 videos and annotation tablets.
The Louvre, Paris
  1. The VR Museum of Fine Art – VR museum that has no analogues in the real world. The developers of The VR Museum of Fine Art have collected “under one roof” unique monuments of sculpture, painting and literature. Here, the Terracotta Army is set against the backdrop of paintings by Leonardo Da Vinci, and the statue of David is adjacent to the Bosch triptychs.
The VR Museum of Fine Art

Today, with virtual reality technologies, museum visitors can see long-lost historical relics or meet an extinct animal, examine the microscopic creature in great detail, move to ancient eras, returning a thousand years ago, or appreciate large-scale and hard-to-reach structures located around the world.

MiroWin offer a quality VR software development for museums, galleries and exhibitions. Virtual tours allow people to get acquainted with museum and exhibition collections from anywhere in the world, as if they were directly in this place. Museums and exhibitions around the world are already using virtual and augmented reality technologies in their work, placing virtual tours on their websites or creating exhibits using virtual reality glasses.

Contact us if you have some ideas and we’ll discuss it together.

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