Virtual reality in real estate industry

The activity of selling real property it is known to commonly use new technologies to improves sales. The application of virtual reality technology in this activity it is already a common practice in companies throughout some markets.

The VR technology it is advantageous for the usage by selling agents to help to eliminate two common difficulties:

  • The selling agents have to manage the time it takes to go from one visit to the other, very often dealing with traffic and losing productivity.
  • Showing the clients an immersive and a reliable representation of the real estate helps to reduce surprises possibly caused by other media. For example, taking into consideration images that give a mistakenly perspective of the space.

VR in real estate by being immersive and interactive, it can be emotionally arousing and potentially quicken up the sales. When the construction project it has not yet finished, one VR model can offer a reliable source of information to the buyer of how the building it is going to be like.

The virtual models can also be used for properties that are already built. The designer has to either model the property from ground zero using a software using the plans of the space or use technologies such as laser scanning, in which the house it is scanned and digitally created.

The VR applications in real estate are similar to virtual “tours,” allowing the buyer to visit the property virtually. The three main options common practiced are:

  • Guided virtual visit: A promotional video at 360 degrees. It allows the user to visualize the property by changing his field of view.
  • Interactive virtual visits: The buyer can click and go to a specific hotspot and see information about the property, be able to interact with some hot spots. interacting with some elements such as turning on lights or changing materials of the house.
  • Virtual commerce: The property it is customizable just as the buyer requires, he virtually chooses from a range of furniture elements, changes materials of the surroundings, change colors of walls, etc.

Contact MiroWin team to discuss your ideas of realization of the virtual reality in real estate and we’ll develop the application according your requirements.

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