What to know about opening of own VR arcade?

Are you thinking about opening of your own VR arcade?

That’s really actually today to provide such unbelievable out-of-home experiences with innovative tech that engages audiences like virtual reality arcade is.

But you should make the right steps from the beginning of realization of this idea to make your VR arcade leading in search query “VR arcade near me”.

So, don’t scrimp on VR equipment!

Your visitors should have a fun. Cheap VR headsets offer a poor experience, while premium headsets are still expensive (about 2500€), as a result VR struggles to conquer the consumer market. This is why the B2B VR market is booming, with many locations openings where customers can use VR with friends or family: location based VR (LBVR).

Think carefully about the location!

The place should be conveniently located, preferably in places of large crowds – shopping mall, city center or, possibly, even industrial area.

Shopping mall is an interesting option as it bring a high traffic. But you need to be careful as opening hours can be limited at night or during the weekend, which are the most requested to book VR games.

City center is interesting for the exposure, but more difficult to find larger spaces and rent will be higher.

Industrial area – cheapest option regarding rents, but efforts on communication are higher. Try as much as possible to pick a space next to other activities such as bowling, laser game, trampolines.

The content for VR arcade is a key to success!

Where to find the unique games for VR arcade, that can be available only for your guests?

MiroWin studio is working in VR game development from 2017 and can develop something special for you. Shooters represent 80% of customer demand and as a developer of “Guns’n’Stories: Bulletproof VR” and “Boiling Steel” we know everything about this genre.

We strongly recommend to offer at least one shooting game at your VR location, and, if possible, a multiplayer.

Some games can be prohibited under 18, you need to check this point carefully. Usage of connected accessories such as connected guns boost both promotion and immersion.

Finally the unique and quality experience will influence people to come to your VR arcade instead of others.

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