“Desperate: Vladivostok” launched on Steam and Meta Quest

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  • “Desperate: Vladivostok” launched on Steam and Meta Quest

Dive into a post-Soviet cyberpunk world where hired killers rule.

PM Studios and MiroWin launched “Desperate: Vladivostok”, genre-defying bullet-hell VR shooter, that is available from today on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Meta Quest. The game will also be coming to PlayStation VR at a later date.

Main game features

  • A reactive gameplay experience – shoot, hit, and dodge in over 50 hand-crafted scenes throughout this furious combat puzzle.
  • Challenge the world on the global leaderboards, fighting across multiple arenas accompanied by dynamic music and fend off endless waves of enemies.
  • Well-developed comics and dialgue trees that place you as the central actor in an assassin’s criminal story during a post-Soviet cyberpunk setting.

Key request / Media coverage

For journalists and media: if there is any way we can facilitate your coverage of this exciting news, please hit us up by contact@mirowin.com.

Press and VR Content Creators can request the key to “Desperate: Vladivostok” via contact@mirowin.com (for Oculus Rift/HTC Vive) or using this form (for Meta Quest)*.

*requesting the key for Meta Quest be sure that you’re filling the form, using your Meta/Oculus account.


As a strong development team based in Ukraine and speaking to IGN, Volodymyr Kozynyi, director of MiroWin studio, describes what it’s been like for him and his team members who have remained in their country during what is currently taking place:

“Several times a day an air alarm is activated, and we hide in bomb shelters – metro stations, house basements, car parkings and other places,” he says. “Due to the curfew, we are limited in our ability to be on the street, pharmacies and grocery stores are open less hours, [and] it is now not so easy to find the right medicine or get essential groceries. Missiles, military planes are flying over us. Someone sees the explosions with their own eyes. This is a nightmare and horror.”

Volodymyr Kozynyi, MiroWin, director



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