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Generative AI manages enemy’s behaviour
“Bureau of Contacts” as a new MiroWin’s tech experiment.
“Bureau of Contacts” got the Steam-page
Time to wishlist the horror game we’ ha’ve been intriguing you with since 2023.
Join Q&A Discord session with MiroWin
We invite you on the Q&A Discord online session at 10am EST on December 19!
Participation at the Digital Dragons Accelerator 2023
Last week Demo Day ended the annual program of the Digital Dragons Accelerator 2023, in which MiroWin studio participated.
MiroWin at Ukrainian Games Festival 2023
The second Ukrainian Games Festival is in full swing.
“Guns’n’Stories: Bulletproof VR” characters by neural network
How the neural network see the characters of “Guns’n’Stories: Bulletproof VR”?
“Desperate: Vladivostok” Physical Release for PS4 (PSVR) announced
Physical release of “Desperate: Vladivostok” for Playstation 4 (PSVR) draws near.
“Desperate: Vladivostok” is available for Playstation VR
VR shooter “Desperate: Vladivostok”, published by PM Studios & developed by MiroWin is out now on PSVR in US region. PSVR2 is in our next plans. Genre-defying bullet-hell action is filled with furious fights and adrenaline shootouts accompanied by dynamic music. Dive into the criminal history of a hired killer in the post-Soviet cyberpunk era...
“Redemption of the Damned” among top 10 most anticipated Ukrainian games
Based on the analysis of Steam data, Ukrainian analytical service GameSensor brought the list of the most interesting Ukrainian games. Top-10 projects in the list are the next: GameSensor is the Ukrainian analogue of Steam Spy, an analytical tool for tracking sales on Steam. The service uses machine learning and analyzes statistical data on game...
“Desperate: Vladivostok” launched on Steam and Meta Quest
Dive into a post-Soviet cyberpunk world where hired killers rule. PM Studios and MiroWin launched “Desperate: Vladivostok”, genre-defying bullet-hell VR shooter, that is available from today on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Meta Quest. The game will also be coming to PlayStation VR at a later date. Main game features Key request / Media coverage...
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