“Redemption of the Damned” among top 10 most anticipated Ukrainian games

  • MiroWin studio
  • RotD
  • “Redemption of the Damned” among top 10 most anticipated Ukrainian games

Based on the analysis of Steam data, Ukrainian analytical service GameSensor brought the list of the most interesting Ukrainian games.

Top-10 projects in the list are the next:

  1. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl
  2. Sherlock Holmes The Awakened
  3. Spark in the dark
  4. Corsairs Legacy – Pirate Action RPG & Sea Battles
  5. Super Zoo Story
  6. Tactical Squad: SWAT Stories
  7. Redemption of the Damned
  8. Wandering Wolf
  9. Eternity Guards
  10. Farlanders.

GameSensor is the Ukrainian analogue of Steam Spy, an analytical tool for tracking sales on Steam. The service uses machine learning and analyzes statistical data on game traffic on Steam, other information portals, and the financial indicators of partner studios that publish games.

Note that the MiroWin studio is currently in an active development stage of the PC survival horror “Redemption of the Damned”.

Earlier the studio took part in the Ukrainian Games Festival, held in Steam in the summer of 2022, which presented a total of over 200 games from 140 Ukrainian developers.


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